Welcome to smstorrent.biz, the smstorrent™ reseller platform. From this platform, you can launch yourself into an unlimited world of opportunities in the bulk sms business in Nigeria. We have the fastest, most user-friendly, bulk-sms platform in Nigeria. With smstorrent reseller program you have access to special features not found on other sites, like:
  • Message Scheduling You can schedule your messages to be sent in the future as often as you wish with a five-minute precision
  • Best rates As a reseller, you can get SMS at extremely cheap rates from us:
    • 10,000 units at =N=1.87 per SMS
    • 50,000 units at =N=1.80 per SMS
    • 100,000 units at =N=1.75 per SMS
    And you can resell at any rate you fix.

    NB:There is an initial =N=9,000 charge for your website setup, and a subsequent website renewal charge of =N=7,000 starting the following year
  • Automatic Error Detection Our system automatically detects wrong numbers and numbers not supported by the platform, so that your customers save money that otherwise would have been wasted sending to wrong numbers
  • Repetition Elimination Apart from detecting wrong numbers, our system automatically eliminates repeated numbers so that each recipient gets only one message per batch.
  • Message History Our system Keeps track of all messages you have sent out, such that you can view your message history & also forward or delete when you so desire
  • Personalized/Customized Message You can send out messages using cutomized sender IDs and even customized message body (containing the name of each recipient, making it more personal)
  • Bulk upload tool Our system allows you to upload contacts after you have typed/prepared your contact list in .csv format using MS Excel. You can do this in two formats:
    • Phone Number Only
    • Name, Phone Number pair
  • Robust Phonebook Our phonebook system is extremely user-friendly with bulk upload, single input, contact update and multiple contact groups.

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